Top Five Financial Bombs

1. Living too long – you outlive your money.

2. Not living long enough – you die before your dependents can get along without you.

3. Disability – far more common than death, you are laid up for 6 months with a back injury or cancer or one of your loved ones is and needs your care.

4. Too much pride and joy (AKA your kids) – unless, of course, they don't eat or go to school or want to wear shoes.

5. Procrastination – you put off saving, insuring, planning, until it is too late.

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Your Financial Manifesto 

Your wallet didn’t come with a manual. Your credit cards didn’t have a warning label. While you focused on your career and family, you let your finances run themselves, which also didn’t come with a warning. You’ve tried, but searching the internet gives you 12,000 “definitive” answers to the same question. It is far easier to learn how to do yoga than it is to plan for retirement, and retirement planning does nothing to help your butt to look great. You’ve basically been left alone to fend for yourself in the wilderness of personal finance.

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Give It Away

Three good reasons to give away money: You get to tithe without having to sit in a church pew. You get a tax break  (financial planners love this). You strengthen your favorite nonprofit, which strengthens your community.

Willamette Week's Give!Guide makes it easy. While there are many excellent suggestions, my dollars are heading to Lettuce Grow. Their volunteers are taking food gardens and horticulture education into all 14 of Oregon's prisons. As of this year, 167 inmates have finished an OSU certificate program in Home Horticulture, an actual job credential. Give a man a salad, he eats for a day. Teach him to grow get the picture. These inmates are part of our community, lettuce show them some